Earn dabloons

The dabloons project launched by releasing a 10,000 piece NFT collection as a free mint on Solana. If you stake your dabloons NFT, it will earn 2,472 dabloons coins per day as a reward. You can stake more than one dabloons NFT to earn more rewards.

What is staking?
While your dabloons NFT is staked, it will remain in your wallet but it will be locked until you unstake it. While your dabloons NFT is locked (staked), you will not be able to list it for sale or transfer it to a different wallet. You can unlock your dabloons NFT at anytime by unstaking it.

How to get dabloons NFTs
To buy dabloons NFTs, you will need a Solana web wallet with some Solana in it (see below for instructions). Once you have some Solana in your web wallet, you can purchase dabloons NFTs from a marketplace such as Magic Eden. Here’s the link to the dabloons NFT collection on Magic Eden https://magiceden.io/marketplace/da_bloons

How to stake your dabloons NFTs
Go to https://dabloons.floppylabs.io/ and connect your Solana web wallet that holds your dabloons NFTs. You will then be able to select which dabloons NFTs you want to stake. You can stake some or all of them.

Staking fees
Our staking provider (Floppy Labs) charges a fee of 0.01 SOL per NFT to stake and a fee of 0.01 SOL per NFT to unstake.

As an example, if you wanted to stake five dabloons NFTs, you would need to pay a fee of 0.05 SOL (plus Solana network transaction fees, which are minimal). If you later wanted to unstake those five NFTs, you would need to pay a fee of 0.05 SOL (plus transaction fees) to unstake. There is no cost to leave your dabloons NFTs staked and there is no fee to claim rewards (only transaction fees).

How do I claim my staking rewards?
Log into dabloons.floppylabs.io using the wallet you staked your dabloons NFTs with and click the Claim button. There is no fee to claim, but you will have to pay a Solana network transaction fees, which are minimal.

How do I get a Solana wallet and add Solana to it?
First, install a Solana web wallet into your Chrome browser (be sure to write down your recovery phrase and keep it safe). The Phantom wallet (https://phantom.app/) is a good one. After you’ve installed the Phantom wallet, you’ll need to send some Solana to your Phantom wallet. You can buy Solana on a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase.com