dabloons has a total supply of 100 billion coins and is designed to be a fair-launched meme coin. 100% of the token supply is mined via staking dabloons NFTs and the dabloons NFT was a free mint.

When staking launched on Jan. 27, 2023, there was a period of enhanced staking rewards called “turbo staking”. During turbo staking, staked dabloons NFTs earned 200,000 $DABLNS per day. Turbo staking ended on Feb. 14, 2023.

After the end of turbo staking, staked dabloons NFTs earn 2,472 $DABLNS per day. These staking rewards are planned to continue at this rate until the entire remaining $DABLNS supply is distributed as staking rewards.

Since there are only 10,000 dabloons NFTs and roughly 81 billion $DABLNS tokens remain to be mined via staking, it should take until at least 2032 for the remaining $DABLNS tokens to be mined.

Network: Solana
Symbol: $DABLNS
Token address: dab15vg2k8zGJPy4xM2DH2G2BY3khrqduXapzYAV3y8

dabloons Supply

Maximum Supply – 100 billion $DABLNS

Circulating – 24.2 billion $DABLNS

Future staking rewards holding wallet – 74.8 billion $DABLNS

Staking rewards wallet (Floppy Labs) – 990 million $DABLNS

Liquidity is locked until Feb 7, 2024 via at the address below: