Trade dabloons

You can buy and sell dabloons on Jupiter Exchange

To buy dabloons coins, you will need to install a Solana web wallet into your Chrome browser. The Phantom wallet ( is a good one. After you’ve installed the Phantom wallet, you’ll need to send some Solana to your Phantom wallet. You can purchase Solana on a cryptocurrency exchange like

Once you’ve got some Solana in your Phantom wallet, you can swap Solana for dabloons coins on Jupiter Exchange Note: Don’t swap all of your Solana for dabloons coins. You’ll want to leave a small amount of Solana in your wallet to pay for Solana network transaction fees. (Even as little as 0.01 Solana will cover a lot of network fees.)

The token symbol for dabloons is $DABLNS
The token address for dabloons is dab15vg2k8zGJPy4xM2DH2G2BY3khrqduXapzYAV3y8

You can see the price of dabloons here